Why Vegan?

Before I rattle off the list of reasons I'm vegan (believe me, there are plenty!), I want to ask you: why aren't you? I can tell you I don't support animal cruelty & environmental degradation, what will you tell me? Here are some common reasons I've heard when I ask people why they eat meat, dairy, & eggs!

"It tastes good!"

If you have to cook it & deep-fry it & smother it with sauces & spices, how good does "meat" really taste?

"I could never give up cheese!"

Have you tried?

"I love animals, but I'm a carnivore - I need meat!"

Yes, because last time I checked you eat only meat, no fruits & vegetables & oh yeah, you're a Lion - look at you chasing your prey with only your bare hands & feet, tearing it apart with your claws & huge canines, no guns needed!

Look, I could go on & on at the hypocrisy, but I won't. Instead, let me direct you to three videos - if you even watch one of them, I guarantee you will have no excuses left.

Ready To Make A Change?

If you're ready to make one of the best decisions of your life - saving the lives of hundreds of animals per year, improving your health, & reducing your carbon footprint, check out the resources below!

The Biggest Lie I've Been Told By Meat-Eaters!

"I only eat humane, grass-fed, organic meat."

Anyway you look at it, there is no humane way of killing - when someone shoots a dog who lived a happy life, we don't say it was "humane". When someone murders someone who lived a good, happy life we don't let it go because it was "humane". We seek justice.

So why is it "humane" to kill a a cow, pig, or chicken - to slaughter them against their will, at less than half of their lifespan (basically while they are babies), simply because they were allowed to spend time outdoors?

So what are you waiting for?

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