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Welcome to Naturally Sukirti! My mission is to inspire & empower the world to make compassionate & conscious choices!

Did you know that every action we take (the clothing we wear, the food we buy, the cars we drive, etc.) all has an impact on another life? Take a minute to contemplate this: do your choices make a negative impact or a positive impact?

My goal with this blog & other social media platforms is to promote a cruelty-free & compassionate lifestyle! I believe that all women have an inner LadyBoss - a compassionate, independent, & entrepreneurial-minded Goddess who deserves the best! I'm here to show you that you CAN & SHOULD live as luxuriously as you want to & still make kind choices!

I post weekly, typically on the weekends. Every Monday & Friday, I post a video on Youtube, so make sure you're subscribed.

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A Bit About Me ...

Here are some questions I "borrowed" from Sunny of Vegan Beauty Review (love you!). She had these on her about page & I loved the idea & though it could help you guys to get to know me more! Also, be sure to check out Sunny's website for all things vegan beauty! She's awesome!

1. Favorite non-dairy milk? Unsweetened soy followed closely by almond-coconut milk blend!
2. Topping of choice for popcorn? I'm not huge on popcorn, but if I do eat it, I like sea salt, nutritional yeast, & hot sauce.
3. Favorite vegan snack? Healthy: Kale chips. Good for the soul: Chocolate chip cookies.
4. Favorite vegan dessert? Uh, yeah, I pretty much love everything. Brownies, cake, cookies, donuts, ice cream, you name it, I'll eat it.
5. Favorite vegan holiday? Hmmm ... I don't know of any "vegan" holidays (other than 'Hug A Vegetarian/Vegan Day' which I don't really celebrate because I'm not super into hugs), but I like making traditional holidays vegan-centered if that makes sense.
6. Favorite healthy beverage? Coffee (the health aspect is debatable, but I believe that it is good for you).
7. Are all of your clothes vegan? Yes. I recently purged the last of my non-vegan items. I currently wear mainly synthetics due to a more strict budget, but I'm moving into mainly secondhand & the rest be fair-trade organic fibers.
8. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 vegan items … what would they be? My kitten (& a leash for him, but I'm still counting it as one "item"), my vegan man, & a blanket.
9. Favorite vegan celebrity? Tied between Mayim Bialik & Alicia Silverstone!
10. Favorite vegan ice cream? Almond Dream Salted Caramel Gelato (OMG, so good!).
11. Favorite vegan pastime? Eating yummy vegan food & then sleeping it off with my kitty curled next to me (heaven!)
12. Spice/herb you would die without? Salt!
13. Favorite vegan book? It's so hard to choose! I think the "PETA Practical Guide To Animal Rights" is a staple for every ethical vegan, so I will go with that.
14. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly? Classic strawberry.
15. Favorite vegan salad dressing? Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing (obsessed!).
16. Seitan, tofu, or tempeh? I love seitan, but really limit how often I eat it since I eat mainly gluten-free.
17. Favorite vegan beauty product? Oh, I can't choose just one (that's evil!); I don't have much experience in this department sadly (yet!), but I'm currently in love with the Merry Hempsters Vanilla Lip Balm (yeah, I'm a lip balm addict)!
18. What's your favorite essential oil/scent? In no particular order, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, & lavender.
19. What are your top 3 favorite restaurants? From what I've tried so far, Herbivore in Berkeley, Soulely Vegan in Oakland, & Moon Indian in Hayward (not veg, but super veg-friendly).
20. What’s your favorite vegan-friendly city? I haven't been to NYC or tried anything vegan in LA so I'll go with SF!
21. Favorite grocery store? Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods.
22. Favorite place to buy beauty products? Target, Whole Foods, VItacost, iHerb.
23. Favorite vegan food? Indian food!
24. Favorite vegan candy? I haven't tried too many, but I love the OCHO bar & Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups!
25. Favorite vegan alcoholic beverage? Pina Colada with Malibu Coconut Rum!
26. Ingredients you are scared to work with? I'm not a super-fancy cook; I tend to make variations of the same thing (mainly due to time & budget constraints). I'd love to be able to experiment more with my cooking & actually try out recipes from the cookbooks I hoard. But, I'm not sure why I'm so intimidated by them ... Looks like that's my new goal!

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