My Mineral Fusion Lip Butter Collection

There are plenty of drugstore brands releasing a variety of lip butters - hydrating lipsticks with a sheen of pigment rather than full-on color. Mineral Fusion makes a wonderful selection of these that are cruelty-free & non-toxic as well!

I own 5 of their lip butter shades. I have a separate post on the Honeysuckle shade so I won't be including it here. Their primary quality is how lightweight & hydrating they are. It totally doesn't feel like you're wearing a lip color at all! It feels like a light coat of lip balm.

From top to bottom:  Juicy, Ripe, DeliciousPomegranate

From top to bottom: Juicy, Ripe, Delicious, Pomegranate

Juicy is a light peach shade which I wasn't quite sure I could pull off. In fact, it looks beautiful & natural!

Ripe is less shimmery & has a hint more pink than Juicy. It's a lot closer to my natural lip color.

Delicious is pretty much my own lip color. It's the absolute perfect nude for me!

Pomegranate is a perfect deep color for everyday. Not too intense, but still a little something more. I love this shade for work during this time of year!

All of these shades have performed phenomenally during these chilly Fall & Winter days! The hydration level is stellar & the colors look gorgeous! I highly recommend skipping conventional drugstore lip tints & making a beeline straight for these!

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