FINALLY Trying A New Eyebrow Pencil! TMF PureBrow Pencil (Nina)

If you watch my Youtube videos regularly, then you will know that once I like something, I rarely branch out. This has been the case for brow products. For YEARS, I have been filling in my brows with the Pacifica Eyeliner in Fringe. It's quick, simple, & the shade works for me. Well, I'm finally branching out & trying new products to fill in my brows!

As of late, I've been testing out the TMF PureBrow Pencil in Nina. It's an Australian brand & as you can see from the packaging, it fits all of my criteria!

It's my first time trying a retractable eyebrow pencil & ooh la la call me spoiled! Seriously, it's SO nice not having to sharpen the pencil everyday!

The shade is very similar to the Pacifica eyeliner. It's just a bit cooler. Because I have dark hair & brows, it works for me. Overall, I'm really enjoying this brow pencil & I'm definitely inspired to check out more brow products!

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