Close-Up + Swatches: Johnny Concert Amplified Eyeshadow (Rich Bitch)

A gold eyeshadow is a must for anyone who wears makeup. It's a shade that works beautifully to highlight or even to top of a pre-existing eyeshadow look. One eyeshadow I've been trying for some time is the Johnny Concert Amplified Eyeshadow in Rich Bitch. Despite the packaging, this is a non-toxic brand!

It's a bright yellow-gold. As you can see, mine is a bit damaged. It actually arrived that way. It's not a big deal as there's plenty more product to work with!

It's quite a sheer color which is why I've deemed it appropriate for highlighting rather than on the lids. Of course you totally can use it on the lids, but I find it most flattering in other ways!

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