Mascara FAIL!

When it comes to all-natural mascaras, it's very rare to find one that can essentially replace false lashes. It's more common to find that the mascara creates a very natural look. What I haven't come across yet is a mascara that has completely failed!

The mascara in question is the ZZ Mineral Makeup Mascara. First, look at the brush. It's tiny. I get that this is a travel-size, but all small mascaras have a large, full-sized brush instead of a long wand. Just looking at that dinky brush explains that my lashes are not about to get any action.

Here's my lashes au natural. I haven't even curled them at this point.

I'd like to say that these are various angles of my lashes without product, but sadly, I applied three coats of that mascara, believe it or not. As you can see, it looks like nothing is there. I used this mascara maybe twice & each time I simply ended up topping it with a different mascara. This is a product that is basically functioning like a clear mascara. It's so sad. I'm definitely disappointed to find such a terrible product included in a popular beauty box. 

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