Close-Up: Unicorn Fan Brush

I've never used a fan brush in my makeup routine before as it's never been included in a brush kit before (how I typically purchase brushes). However, one of my Goddess Provisions boxes included this adorable unicorn fan brush which I've recently been testing out.

This brush is made by Vegan Cuts so there is no other beauty brand behind it. The handle is slim & designed after a unicorn horn & the brushes have a multi-color pastel effect. Having no prior experience with a fan brush before, I don't have anything to compare it to. I will say it works fine to apply highlight. I do have to wonder if the bristles are a bit too thin & loose. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a super high-quality brush. I see it as comparable to perhaps an ELF brush & probably wouldn't go for more than a few dollars. However, it's been a great way to try this type of brush to see if it's something I want to include regularly in my routine.

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