Close-Up + Swatches: Mineral Fusion Lipsticks (Peony & Ruby)

Mineral Fusion has quickly become one of my most favorite makeup brands. They are completely cruelty-free, non-toxic, & vegan-friendly. I recently decided to give their lipsticks a try & picked up two shades to test out. I expected the shades to be quite bold, but I was quite surprised by how wearable they were!

The two shades I selected are Peony - a brown-toned rose - & Ruby - a bright pink rose.

Peony is on the left & is a lot more warm. Ruby is on the right & is a cooler pink. Both shades are extremely soft & glide on smoothly. They stayed on my lips for a few hours without eating or drinking & even as they wore off, they left a slight stain on my lips. This was most apparent with Ruby which is a slightly brighter color. 

Here I'm wearing Peony. Notice how wearable it is for work. You can definitely detect a hint of brown, making this perfect for warmer looks.

Although it's brighter, Ruby is also wearable & just helps to brighten up the face & make it look lively. It's such a beautiful shade & perfect for work when you want a bit of a bolder lip color.

Overall, I'm so so pleased with both products! They are absolutely high-quality & perform phenomenally. I simply cannot wait to try more lip products from this line!

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