The Perfect Blush For Every Complexion!

There's very few makeup products which can actually work for a variety of different skin tones & still look natural. The Peony Cosmetics Pink Cloud Blush is one of those rare products!

A perfect blend of warm & cool tones, this blush is that absolute pure pink that leaves the skin glowing. If you want a shade that looks incredibly natural on you, as if you've spent time outdoors in the snow or in the sun, you need this product in your life! It's a highly pigmented, matte color.

In these colder months, pair this blush with berry lips, a scarf, & knit hat & you'll look as if you've been enjoying hot chocolate in a ski resort. In the warmer months, pair it with a glowing bronzer to look sunkissed & tan. It's such a versatile product!

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