Brija Cosmetics Women Of Game Of Thrones Collection

Now that we are fully in the festive season, there is no better time to experiment with gorgeous glittery makeup! The Brija Cosmetics Game Of Thrones-inspired collection is a beautiful selection of products to add that beautiful holiday glow! 

The first item I received in this collection is the Moon Glow Highlight Drops, a dupe for the MAC Lustre Drops. This can be mixed in with foundation to add a luminous glow or it can be used separately to add sheen to specific areas.

The first eyeshadow included is Lioness, a warm peachy-pink with a hint of brown. 

Next, Fit To Lead is a cool, gray-toned lavender.

Fit To Lead is a slightly more shimmery shade than Lioness, which is a matte shade. Both are soft, yet highly pigmented & blendable.

The spotlight product in this collection is the Faceless Woman Glitter, a steely micro-fine glitter. I created a beautiful festive look featuring this collection so make sure to check it out if you need ideas for a holiday look. Bold, yet soft & natural, this collection is easy to use & perfect even for beginners!

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