Beauty Review: Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

Finding a good, non-toxic mascara can be a challenge. One that is available at a drugstore price & easily found at even common retailers such as Target & Ulta is the Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara. Not only is it accessible & affordable, it's completely cruelty-free, vegan, & non-toxic!

This mascara has a very simple, basic wand. The texture is a little more on the wet side. I tend to prefer a dryer formula since it creates a more high-impact look.

After about 3 coats of this mascara, I can get a decent look. A little more length, volume, & lift which is perfect for day-to-day. Interestingly, I found that as I used this mascara over several weeks, it performed better as it dried out a bit. So, I actually found better results about a month into using this mascara!

Overall, I like this mascara for a work look because it's conservative & natural. I can find this mascara easily, which is a big plus-point for me. This is not a dramatic look, so if you want that, the next mascara I review will be perfect for you!

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