Dupe Alert! Cruelty-Free, Vegan, & Natural Muscle Rub

As of late, I've been experiencing a lot of aches & pains, particularly in my neck & shoulders. There's a plethora of conventional muscle rubs available at most drugstores, but I wanted to forgo the cruelty & chemicals. While I could find natural muscle rubs online, they all contained beeswax. However, I recently discovered this affordable, clean, & vegan option!

On Vitacost, I discovered that one of my favorite brands of lip balm - Merry Hempsters - also makes these vegan & beeswax-free natural muscle rubs for less than $5 each! They have to varieties: the cool provides a cooling sensation which I like to apply on my temples when I get a migraine & also on the bottom of my feet when they get tired. The hot is perfect for my neck & shoulders & any other muscle or joint pain.

Both come in a convenient stick-tube packaging. You may need assistance to apply in hard-to-reach places. I also love that they have a base of hemp oil, making it super nourishing & hydrating for the skin. If you're in the market for a muscle rub, skip the drugstore & pick up these instead!

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