Close-Up: Terre Mere Makeup Brushes

I recently purchased this gorgeous set of vegan makeup brushes from Terre Mere heavily discounted at only $50 for 8 brushes! The brushes are made with cruelty-free synthetic fibers & the design is absolutely elegant! The only catch is that they are not labeled so I'll be sharing the most practical use for them based on how I personally use each brush.

The first brush is a classic powder brush ideal for a light dusting of loose powder.

I'm not quite sure of the purpose of this brush - it's a slightly small, flat-top brush. I think it's supposed to be for foundation, but it's not dense enough for that.

This is an angled brush ideal for applying blush or contouring.

This is a concealer brush that can double as an eye brush - either to apply color to the lid or to blend out the edges.

This brush is a basic flat-shader brush best used for applying color directly to the lids.

This brush is a perfect crease brush that can also be used to blend around the brow bone.

This angled brush can be used for brows or eyeliner.

This multi-use brush can be used for smudging liner, applying highlight to the inner corner, & applying eyeshadow to the lower lashline.

As you can see this is a great set for a beginner, minimalist, or the makeup obsessed. Really, it contains just about every brush to create a full-face makeup look! Be sure to watch my review video in which I further share my thoughts on the set!

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