The Most Beautiful Fragrances: Posie + Co Perfume

Cruelty-free, vegan, & non-toxic fragrances can be very difficult to find. You might get one, but not the other. One place I've had great luck with fragrances that fit my standards is Anthropologie! One of the perfume brands I've found is called Posie & Co. & it's quite possible the most beautiful perfume ever!

The three scents I've found in-store are Frangipani, Maribelle, & Fig Blossom. Of the three, I personally have Maribelle & Fig Blossom. 

What's most striking about these (other than the fact that they are made with pure plant oils) is that they contain whole flower blossoms & petals. They are so gorgeous! Side note, they only come in a roller-ball. However, they are super travel-friendly & affordable!

Maribelle has a sweet floral scent & Fig Blossom has a slightly deeper, sexier scent.

If you're looking for a clean, animal-friendly, & budget-friendly perfume, check out your local Anthropolgie store (or online). I'll definitely be featuring more fragrance brands as I discover them!

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