LoveGoodly June/July 2017 Box! (Giveaway Sneak-Peek!)

I love beauty boxes. Clearly. What I also love are lifestyle boxes. Boxes such as this LoveGoodly Box are especially amazing because they include full-size products - all cruelty-free, vegan, & non-toxic! You can expect to receive of course beauty products, but also food items, accessories, wellness items, & more! It's a box that delivers every other month for only $30! Let's take a look at what I received in the June/July 2017 box!

The first item is by Fred & Far & it's a pin that represents self-love! I'm definitely an advocate for that! I love the chic, geometric design! I will definitely be pinning this on a handbag!

Another super cute accessory is this Gemtye which is a hair-tie that doubles as a bracelet. It has a stone in the middle. Another variation that was sent out had a turquoise stone. I definitely prefer the black! It's so cute & simple - I will really enjoy wearing this as both jewelry & a hair accessory!

I've been wanting to try a biotin supplement for a while so I was really excited to find this 2-week trial of the New Chapter Perfect Hair, Skin, & Nails supplement! This is a vegan biotin which promotes healthy hair growth, strong, long nails, & glowing skin! I'm so happy that this was included!

I also received  this nail polish by Faby in this baby blue shade called Don't Disturb My Puppy. I'm not sure I get the reference & the color is outside my color zone, however the promise of a gel-like finish & staying power is certainly intriguing!

Finally, a product that will excite many is a limited-edition Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lovecraft - a mauve-rose curated especially for this box. While Kat Von D is not a natural brand, it is cruelty-free & mostly vegan. This product was included because it rates only a 2 on EWG. However, while it is non-toxic, it is by no means a natural product - the synthetic ingredients just happen to be "safe". Personally, I would rather purchase a product that contains more natural ingredients, even if it rates a bit higher. So, I will be giving this away! If you want a chance to win this product, enter here!

The value of this box is almost $90 & I paid only a third of that! Definitely a steal! If you want to get your own box, sign up using the link above!

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