New Skincare Finds!

I recently had a little too much fun at Ulta, Whole Foods, & TJ Maxx finding some fun new skincare products to try! Most of what I found are new single-used mask sachets & sheet masks which I'm super excited to share! All the brands are cruelty-free & natural & all the masks are vegan!

Alba Botanica  has five sheet masks which I actually found at TJ Maxx! I am super excited to try the Coconut Water Hydrate mask & the Volcanic Clay mask! I like that these were not overly-saturated (as the ones below, which were my first foray into sheet masks) & not too annoying to apply to the face. They were a bit big, but they didn't continuously slide off my face.

Yes To has released these 2-step products, of which I've already used the Grapefruit Even Tone variety (it was okay). I've also tried the lip scrub & mask combo. The lip scrub was very oily, but otherwise the grit was just right. I wasn't a fan of the oil texture though. The mask did nothing for my lips except to dry them out. I'm most excited to try the nose strip because I haven't used one since switching to cruelty-free products!

These Yes To single-use mud masks have quite a bit of product in them so I do think they would last 2-3 uses (I got 2). They are a creamy, almost whipped mud texture. I especially enjoyed the Primrose Oil & Argan Oil ones & I would definitely get them again!

Yes To also released these sheet masks which I've already used. Since this is my first experience with sheet masks, I have to say, I'm not sure I'm quite sold on the wet, drippy, sticky consistency. I think they are just far too saturated for my taste.

Shea Moisture also has the single-used mud masks (again, expect to get more than one use). These are more dry & clay-like than the Yes To ones, but I love how soft & smooth my skin was after using them! They also make a sachet for the Hydrating Mud Mask, but I didn't pick it up since I've already used it before.

I found these sheet masks from Andalou Naturals as well & these are not as saturated, yet they drip all over the place! The serum is thinner & doesn't absorb as well. They also have a plastic covering on one side which made it difficult to apply the mask so I removed the plastic before applying it.

Finally, I picked up a few Pacifica skincare items. I decided to try a product from their recent berry-infused launch & picked up the Berry Happy Cleansing Wipes to remove makeup. From TJ Maxx, I picked up the Vital Immersion Deep Hydration Mask & Skin Revival Microdermabrasion Scrub, both of which were only half the retail price!

I'm really excited to be trying all of these products! I love face masks, so it's great to try the single-use ones! I also recommend checking out your local TJ Maxx or similar store for great beauty finds from clean, vegan, cruelty-free brands!

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