My Pacifica Lipgloss Collection

If you're looking for an affordable, drugstore lipgloss that is cruelty-free, vegan, & non-toxic, I highly recommend the Pacifica Enlightened Gloss

There are multiple shades available & I have 3 in my collection. What I love about these glosses is that they are not overly-shiny. They have a slight sheen to them, but they are still very wearable. They smell lovely - like coconut & fruit. Not to mention the texture is thick, but not too sticky. It's easy to apply & very moisturizing. I also find that they last a few hours without eating, which is impressive. The pigmentation is definitely there, but they don't have full-on color. For my lips, they give just a hint of color. I also like to apply these on top of lipsticks to give them some extra shine. Let's check out the colors I have!

From top to bottom: Beach Kiss, Nudist, Ravish

Top to bottom: Nudist, Ravish, Beach Kiss

I expected Ravish to be a deeper berry shade, but on my lips, it's a "my lips, but better" color. If you have more fair skin, it will probably show up as a berry color, but this is a perfect everyday gloss for me.

Nudist is as the name implies - a nude gloss. I really love this for a minimal makeup. 

Beach Kiss is a lovely cool-toned pink. I definitely think it's a flattering shade for all skin tones! Not to mention, beautiful for Summer as the name implies.

The shades that I own are shades I consider must-haves. If you want to have the bare essentials when it comes to lip colors/glosses, I definitely recommend a nude (Nudist), a pink (Beach Kiss), & a berry (Ravish). I absolutely adore these glosses & I hope you get to try them out yourself!

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