My New Spring & Summer Handbags!

Update: While I've changed my stance on supporting non-vegan-friendly designers, I will leave this post up for those who would like compassionate options from mainstream designers. I've realized that when there are so many vegan-friendly options, I do not need to continue supporting cruel companies, even if my purchases are vegan. Going forward, I will endeavor to support only those brands that are 100% vegan OR do not utilize fur or down. While I can't expect every designer to forgo silk & leather & other animal-made fabrics, I can only do my best. 

Confession: I love handbags. Like, LOVE handbags. Designer handbags are basically my kryptonite. Unfortunately, most mainstream designers don't have many (or any) vegan options. Surprisingly, this incredibly popular designer has quite a few cruelty-free options & I snagged a few for the warmer months!

Surprisingly, Michael Kors has a lot of faux leather & non-leather handbag options! I used to avoid their bags because I assumed they were all leather (though sadly, most are). I know many vegans don't support any designers that are not vegan or use fur, but I believe everyone should make the choice as to what they are comfortable with. I personally believe it is more responsible to support a company's cruelty-free options to show support & demand for these products. The designers aren't going to stop producing anytime soon, so it's more practical to convince them via supply & demand to forgo animal products. But that's my opinion. Let's check out the two bags I purchased!

The first bag is thei Jet Set Fulton Crossbody. This is small. It doesn't fit my wallet, but it's fine for a super casual outing when all you need is a few cards, phone, keys, maybe a lip product, blotting tissues, & pressed powder. It fits quite a bit for a really low-key day. 

The other bag is also part of their Jet Set range. It's a tote made primarily of canvas. This holds quite a bit more & is great for work or school.

I'm super excited to discover that Michael Kors has so many vegan options (primarily in their Jet Set range)! I already have other bags in mind that I want to splurge on! 

PS I want to share a money-saving tip! I never shop retail for mainstream designers! These bags are actually from Marshalls! When you shop at stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, & outlets, you can easily save at least half of the retail value! If you love designer items, always check these stores first before deciding to pay full-price! For everything else, I recommend waiting for sales if you can. 

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