Close-Up & Swatches: Jersey Shore Lip & Cheek Ruge (Red Hibiscus)

As the weather warms up, I reach for lighter makeup products. One such product I've been enjoying lately is the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Red Hibiscus Lip & Cheek Rouge.  This is a lightweight lip tint that can also be used as a cheek color. This shade is probably too deep as a blush for light & medium skin tones, but I'm sure it would look beautiful on deeper complexions!

I love the swirled colors - it adds so much depth to the color on my lips. I also like the small lip-balm-like packaging which makes it super easy to pop into a tiny purse, wallet, or even pocket!

The color is a sheer red. It's the perfect way to wear red without committing to a deep color. It's super wearable & light enough for the warmer months.

I also enjoyed the hydrating, smooth texture. It glides on effortlessly & leaves my lips soft.

I really enjoy this lip product & I think it's perfect for a wearable evening look. Click the link above to watch the evening glam look I created using this product!

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