Skincare Routine + Mini-Reviews FEATURING Relogy + NYL

While this isn't my current skincare routine, I thought I would share with you the routine I used a few months back featuring Relogy & NYL!


1. Wash my face with 3-5 pumps of NYL Rosewater Face Wash. This was a very gentle castille soap-based cleanser perfect for mild cleansing. 

2. Apply Herbal Transdermal Toner (from a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box) all over my face using a cotton pad. This was an average toner for me. I did enjoy the wintergreen scent, though.

3. Apply 1 pump of the Relogy Skin Balancing Lotion. I was surprised how rich & hydrating this was. I definitely enjoyed this moisturizer!


1. Remove makeup using organic, virgin coconut oil & Pacifica Cactus Water Makeup Removing Wipes.

2. Apply 3 pumps of the Relogy Dual Action Treatment Foam to the Relogy Konjac Sponge & throughly cleanse face. The treatment foam is actually meant to be a leave-on treatment, but it's incredibly strong & drying; my skin was peeling! I just used it as a make-shift cleanser.

3. Apply a thin layer of the Relogy Pore Obsessed Moroccan Super Clay Mask all over my face (once a week only). This was a very strong product! It was very cooling, to the point that my eyes were watering the first time. After a couple of times trying it, I got used to the sensation. 

4. Follow up with 3-5 pumps of the NYL Rosewater Face Wash because the treatment foam doesn't really cleanse much.

5. Apply Herbal Transdermal Toner all over my face using a cotton pad.  

6. While the toner absorbs, exfoliate my lips using the Ariel Co. Cupid Lip Scrub. LOVE this product! It smells of bubblegum & makes my lips soft & smooth.

7. Apply 1 pump of the Goddess Garden Organics Firming Eye Cream to both eyes. I'm not fond of the smell (smells like potatoes to me), but the texture is light & hydrating & maybe it's just me, but I do feel a slight tightening under my eyes.

8. Apply lip balm. I love the Merry Hempsters Peppermint Lip Balm.

9. Apply one dropper-full of the NYL Velvet Transformative Serum. This is basically a thick blend of oils. I actually really liked how soft my skin was the next day after using this!

10. Finish off with 1 pump of the Relogy Skin Balancing Lotion.

Overall, I wasn't too fond of the Relogy set. They advertise as being a natural company, however, the treatment foam is full of chemicals! There are far better, non-toxic anti-acne products out there in a more affordable price range. I'm planning on sharing either in a video or blog post how I healed my cystic acne so stay tuned!

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