My FIRST LoveGoodly Box! April/May 2017

For those of you who want more than beauty products when it comes to your subscription boxes, LoveGoodly is for you!

Besides being cruelty-free, vegan, & non-toxic, LoveGoodly boxes feature a mix of beauty, wellness, lifestyle & food items. For $29.95 every other month, you will receive 4-5 FULL-SIZE items!  Let's see what I got in my very first box for April/May 2017!

This was definitely a mind-reading box! I have been hearing so much about these undereye masks from 100% Pure! They are a cult-favorite in the green-beauty community & I plan to film a first-impressions video featuring these!

I also received this Maracuja Oil Mascara by 100% Pure. I love getting mascaras in beauty boxes because I go through them every few months. This way, I don't have to purchase them! 

I have also been wanting to try the One Love Organics line of products & since I've been using more hydrating & anti-aging products, I was super excited to find the Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum included as well. At full size, this retails for $75!

I've been really enjoying using Konjac sponges on my face & when I found out they also come large enough to use on the body, I really wanted to try it. Lo & behold, this Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge by PurSol was also in this box!

Finally, there were a few coupons included as well! Something I adore about LoveGoodly is that every month, they choose a charity to donate a portion of the proceeds to! This box's proceeds went to Farm Sanctuary!

Like I said, the serum by itself far exceeds the value of the box! I am absolutely head-over-heels for this box & can't wait to get the next one! If you want to join in the fun, click the link above to sign up for your own box!

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