Beauty Review: NYL Skincare Starter Set

Lately I've been trying lots of new, non-toxic brands (always cruelty-free & vegan, of course!) & a great way for me to test them out is through travel kits or starter sets. One such brand is NYL which I discovered through the Vegan Cuts Marketplace.

The kit included four travel-size products. Below, I'll be sharing my thoughts on each product.

As you can see from the ingredients, this is a very clean line of products. I am definitely impressed!

I seriously love all of their high standards! How amazing it is that they are GLUTEN-FREE!!!

Now moving on to the actual review portion of this post. The products were packaged in this adorable woven sachet. It all felt super natural & organic. Let's dive into my thoughts on each product.

Whipped Hand & Body Lotion: I'm extremely picky about my moisturizers. I really can't stand when a product labels itself as a butter, but the texture is barely that of a lotion. I am pleased to say, however, that in this case it was the exact opposite. Despite labeling itself as a body lotion, it was rich & thick like a butter. I loved applying this on my hands & feet right before bed! Brownie points for the delectable lemon-bar scent!

Gentle Sugar Body Polish: This body scrub is made with raw sugar, so I definitely wouldn't consider it gentle! It was quite abrasive, actually. I did like that it wasn't too oily & even though I'm typically heavy-handed with a scrub, I used very little of this due to the texture so it did last me about 2 weeks of almost daily use. The scent is definitely lemon, but not the dessert-esque lemon of the body lotion - more of a hand soap, Pinesol scent. This was my least favorite product.

Velvet Transformative Serum: I really liked this product! It is a thick blend of oils which is highly moisturizing. I've used it alone, on top of moisturizer, underneath moisturizer, mixed with serum when I ran out of moisturizer & seriously this product is probably the rockstar of the set! HIGHLY recommend!

Rosewater Face Wash: This is a very thin, gentle castille-based face wash. It doesn't lather much & my face didn't feel to dry after using it. 1-2 pumps in the morning was fine for a barely-there wash. In the evening however, I struggled to remove every trace of makeup with this product & often had to double- or triple-wash to get a relatively makeup-free face. 

All in all, I recommend the serum & the body lotion as they performed the best for me in this kit. I would definitely be happy to try more products from this line!

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