Rahua VS EvolvH: Hair Care Showdown!

Ever since I heard about Rahua, I've been super excited to try their Amazon-grown, cruelty-free, vegan, & non-toxic line of haircare. 

I ordered the Jetsetter kit from The Detox Market which consists of 2 sets of shampoo & conditioner. One is the original shampoo with voluminous conditioner while the other set are both voluminous. The conditioners are supposedly also able to function as styling products, although I did not use them as such. 

The original set has a very faint, subtle scent of sweet, floral tea while the voluminous set had a stronger herbal fragrance. Sadly, this set completely disappointed me. At about $30 per full-size bottle, I had high hopes for these products. I'm not quite sure what I thought would happen with my hair, but I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed. The only positive notes were the scent of the voluminous set. I couldn't stop sniffing my hair! It smelled exotic & sensual. LOVE.

The conditioners were not very thick & I do prefer a thicker conditioner for my coarse, dry hair. The shampoos were a thick, syrup-like consistency, which was nice; however, they did not lather much & my hair didn't feel clean. I definitely won't be repurchasing.

On the other hand, I do have a set of products that exceeded my expectations! This EvolvH Ultrashine Moisture duo was included in my very first Petit Vour box. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when this set was included. Based on the packaging, I wasn't expecting much, but boy was I wrong! These are products I will definitely purchase in the full size! They smell like vanilla-floral-creme brulee, the conditioner is thick & hydrating, yet lightweight, & the shampoo is moisturizing while leaving my hair fresh & clean. This is everything I wanted & I got it in a set I had no hopes for!

Even though the Rahua products didn't WOW me, I am so impressed with EvolvH & I will be ordering full-sizes soon!

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