Vegan Cuts February 2017 Beauty Box!

It's that time of the month again (no, not that time!) - Vegan Cuts Beauty Box time! Friends, you need  to check out Vegan Cuts! They are an online marketplace with tons of vegan, cruelty-free, & mostly non-toxic products ranging from beauty, food, wellness, & lifestyle. They also offer subscription box services such as this beauty box! Their beauty boxes are only $19.95 (if you sign up for 12 months, you save $$$ per box!) for 5-7 deluxe sample size & full-size beauty products! 100% cruelty-free, vegan, & most are non-toxic! Interested yet? Let's check out this month's box!

You guys know how much I love my toners & it seems Vegan Cuts got the memo! This month's box includes a deluxe sample size of the Herbal Transdermal Deep Pore Mineral Toner

Speaking of mind-reading, Vegan Cuts also somehow knew I've been lamenting about how my teeth have been looking tres dull - not so pearly white. I've never used a whitening product before & et voila - a travel-size whitening toothpaste by Oral Essentials somehow ends up in the box!

I love me a good leave-in conditioner & a spray version is so efficient & convenient for busy mornings (AKA every morning)! While Earthly Body Color pHlex Leave-In Treatment isn't the cleanest in terms of ingredients, it does have a lot of nourishing ingredients that are specially designed for colored hair!

I swear this box is just full of items from my own mind! I am so excited to finally try a lip balm by Crazy Rumors! I've been wanting to branch out & try new lip balm brands & this Leaping Bunny edition in a delicious Plum-Apricot scent is a great start!

Guys. Just stop for a second. Just look. Look at this. This is a bubblegum pink lip scrub, which, by the way, ALSO SMELLS LIKE FREAKING BUBBLEGUM. It's a full-size Cupid Lip Scrub by Ariel Co. Are you freaking kidding me?!  A mermaid themed beauty line named after my favorite Disney Princess?! I seriously can't. I cannot. This is life. 

Finally, a full-size eyeshadow trio by Emani Cosmetics was included. There were 3 different shade options & what shade you receive is a surprise! I received the shade Feeling Blessed - a neutral brown set. Again with the mind-reading, Vegan Cuts!

Check out the prices! The eyeshadow trio by itself is just a little over the price of the box! What a steal! If you want a box of your own, click the (affiliate) link above to sign up for next month's box!

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