Close-Up: Kylie Cosmetics Cruelty-Free Eye Makeup Brushes!

During Black Friday, I ordered this brush set from Kylie Cosmetics (among other items in poor judgement, which I've since given away). So far, this is the only brush set on the site & not only does it have a nice aesthetic, but they are all synthetic, meaning they are cruelty-free! This post is just a close-up of each brush while they are unused. For a full review, I'll be posting a video on my channel which I'll link here when it's live!

The brush set includes 5 eye makeup brushes for $35 - not a bad deal! The brushes themselves are not labeled in terms of their use, so I suppose it's open to interpretation. I'll give you my suggestion for use based on how I would use it & what the commonly accepted use would be.

Okay, so this brush isn't technically included in the kit. This is a synthetic angled liner brush which is included in the Kyliner set (a gel eyeliner which I've since given away). A brush like this should be a staple! It's great for applying gel, cream, or shadow liner, as well as to fill in brows.

The next brush is a blending brush. It is a fluffy, domed brushed, loosely bristled to blend shades together or soften edges.

This brush is a short, flat brush. It can be used to smudge eyeshadow or pack it on for maximum pigmentation.

Also included is a crease brush. It's shaped similarly to the blending brush, however, the bristles are packed together more tightly & the dome is shorter, allowing for a more concentrated application. 

This flat shader brush is a standard brush for applying eyeshadow to the lid. The tip can also be used to smudge eyeshadow or apply it to the lower lashline.

The final brush included is a pencil brush, ideal for smudging eyeshadow under the lashline, blending eyeliner, or applying a highlight to the inner corners.

Based on an initial observation, this is a brush set I would suggest for beginners, minimalists, or someone who has no idea what eye brushes they should have. It is a core set & each brush is what I consider a staple. If you're unsure what brushes to take when you travel, I would recommend this set for sure. 

This is the only item I can recommend from Kylie Cosmetics as all the other products, while cruelty-free, have abysmal ingredients. Again, for a full review, click the link above when it's available. I hope the brand considers adding more brushes to their line because as long as they are synthetic, I will definitely pick them up!

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