Beauty Review: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigment Lip (Gwyneth)

One of the biggest beauty trends of 2016 has been liquid lipstick. I've stayed away from most of them as they don't fit under my clean beauty standards, however, in my Vegan Cuts Autumn Glam box there was an organic liquid lipstick which is so perfect for upcoming Spring!

Now, I'm kicking myself for not having done a post detailing all the products included, however, going forward (since I've subbed to 2 Vegan Cuts boxes & a Petit Vour box), I will be sharing what is included in a close-up manner. If you're interested in the video versions of these "unboxings", please click the link above & sub to my channel! You can also watch the video that I linked to see what else was included! I'll be doing a few more posts highlighting some of the clean makeup included. Not all the products in Vegan Cuts are natural, so when I do posts devoted to single products, I'll only share those that are non-toxic!

Going back to the topic at hand, the liquid lipstick I received was the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigment Lip in the shade Gwyneth. You can see some separation which is normal for an all-natural product. Simply use the wand to mix the product up again & you're back in business!

The color is a deep red-toned raspberry, perfect for the holidays (which are sadly over), but also for Spring! I love bright lip colors like this in the warmer months. You can get away with less makeup by popping on a bright lip color. But who am I kidding, I doubt I'll be wearing less makeup!

What I love about this product is how thin & smooth it is! It's not thick or sticky & it doesn't tug on the lips. It glides on effortlessly using the flat doe-foot applicator.

Another plus-point is that it remains a cream finish. I can't stand matte lip products - I hate how dry & tight my lips feel! This liquid lipstick remained creamy on my lips for a while without eating or drinking & even after it wore down, it left a beautiful stain on my lips.

Overall, I think it's a beautiful color & a stellar formula! If you're interested in brighter lip colors, definitely check out this line of lip colors!

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