Close-Up + Swatch: Au Naturale Creme Eyeshadow (Coffee)

Au Naturale is a natural, vegan, & cruelty-free brand I've been really interested to try, so you can imagine how excited I was to actually receive a item in my Vegan Cuts Autumn Glam Makeup Box

I received the creme eyeshadow in the shade Coffee. While I'm not typically a fan or user of creme shadows, I decided to give it a shot before deciding my opinion.

The color is a warm brown. There is a slight metallic sheen to it. I tried this a few times under a copper eyeshadow (Brija Copper Rain - a gorgeous combo!) & was surprised to find it didn't crease!

So while I'm not reaching for this on the daily, it's a great shade to pop under a brown or copper color to intensify the pigmentation & add depth. I also find that it works beautifully as a gel eyeliner on the upper lashline or smudged on the lower lashline. It's a high-quality product & I'm even more excited to try Au Naturale's other offerings!

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