Beauty Review: Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare-Faced Serum Foundation

When Pacifica finally released a foundation with more than light coverage, I was over the moon! I've been using this foundation for months - a few months last Fall & Winter & a few months this year. So, I must say, this is not a foundation I can get behind.

Now, I haven't used too many foundations simply because I tend to stick with what I like, however, my goal is to expand my foundation collection & share my thoughts with you. I also filmed a live demo so you can check out the foundation in action!

The Dreamy Cover Bare-Faced Serum Foundation includes an SPF of 20 & is silicone-free. It is a medium-coverage foundation that comes from a pump.

The first issue I have with this product is the texture: it has a dry-oil texture that is difficult to blend out. It also leaves my fingers a bit oily afterwards.

Here is my face prior to applying foundation. I just have a bit of primer on. Notice the blemishes & scarring. I also have quite a bit of redness.

This is my face after applying the foundation. I use my hands to apply it because the texture doesn't work well with a brush or makeup sponge.

That's the second issue I have with this foundation: it looks super cakey! Because of the texture, it doesn't melt into the skin & "become one". It always kind of looks like a layer sitting on my face - very mask-like. It also begins to break down within just a couple of hours.

Overall, this is not a foundation I like at all & I would not repurchase. I need a foundation that looks natural & can last a while without touching up. I definitely prefer their CC Cream instead.

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