Close-Up + Swatches: Pacifica Supernatural Eyeshadow Trio (Stone/Cold/Fox)

In my most recent beauty haul, I showed this lil' trio from (who else?) Pacifica. They had one (or maybe two) other variations, but this one seemed to be one I'd get the most use out of.

This trio has the shade Stone, Cold, & Fox. One criticism I have is that I don't know which shades are which! I can assume that Stone is the deep warm cocoa brown, Cold is the vanilla shade, & Fox is the light shimmery taupe. I think it would be more practical to name the trio as a whole.

The colors are a perfect, everyday, every occasion set of neutrals. You could play it safe & simply apply the taupe all over the lid, the vanilla as a highlight, & the deep brown as an eyeliner. Or, you can def smoke it out! For my look (below), I went somewhere in the middle.

The texture is the most surprising thing about this trio. I expected a smooth powder, similar to the other eyeshadows I have experience with. However, these are a thick, waxy cream-to-powder. They were a little difficult to work with at first (with brushes), but I think I can get the hang of it. The nice thing about the texture was that it looked so natural - not powdery at all! It also didn't crease on me which was a-mazing!

Overall, it was a pleasant product to use, but knowing the consistency (I do prefer powder eyeshadows), I probably would not re-purchase.

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