Lip Combos I'm Obsessed With For Spring + Summer!

I must admit, working from home means there are many days I don't leave the house, therefore I don't wear makeup. Sadly, when I do wear makeup, I've noticed I've become a tad bit *GASP* lazy.

Okay, maybe not lazy, but I'm definitely reaching for the same products time after time because they just work so damn well. I've been obsessed with these lip combos for the past few months & I wanted to share them with you!

Real talk guys - I've been wearing these two tinted lip balms on the daily for a lightweight & fresh lip look during these warmer months. I don't exactly need super heavy, moisturizing lip glosses or lipsticks when it's hot as Hades out, so I've been reaching for the Hurraw Tinted Lip Balm (a perfect cherry red tint) & the Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter (a sheer fresh pink) as my day-to-day lip colors. They offer just a hint of color to my lips while leaving them moisturized. Plus, they are super convenient to throw in your bag & touch up without really needing a mirror!

Some days, I want to keep it low-key, but glam it up a bit more so I reach for a couple of extras. For a pink lip, I love the combination of Ellovie Tinted Lip Butter + Glam Natural Lipgloss in Bride To Be which adds an almost translucent hint of baby pink, giving the lips a bit more depth & shine.

I also love topping off my lips with a tiny squeeze of Mineral Fusion Clear Lipgloss for extra hydration & shine, if I'm feeling it.

Tell me in the comments: What lip looks have you been obsessed with this Summer?

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