How I Eat Healthy On The Go (Plant-Based + Gluten-Free) - My BEST Tips!

In my most recent diet update, I mention that I've almost completely eliminated eating out (save for special occasions). I would say at this point my diet consists of 98% home-cooked meals with the remaining 2% being the shit happens category. I've been completely gluten-free for the past month (yay!) & minimally processed as well. So, how do I navigate the 2% situation? Let me share my tips!

1. First & foremost, I always endeavor to bring a meal or snack with me as well as water, especially if I know I'll be missing a meal (I eat 5-6 times a day). In the morning & afternoon, I may bring a smoothie or fresh fruit & later in the day perhaps organic trail mix or raw bar. However, sometimes I leave in a rush or am out later than anticipated so I utilize the below tips.

2. If I'm only slightly hungry & need a quick snack, I'll stop by any nearby market & pick up a bar & a drink such as kombucha, chia drink, fresh juice (no added sugar), maple water, coconut water, organic iced tea, organic chai tea/cold coffee, or regular water.

3. If I'm in need of a breakfast & sometimes lunch meal, I'll find a place to get a good smoothie or juice. My local market makes organic, fresh smoothies (as well as juices) & I know some Whole Foods have smoothie & juice bars. In an absolute pinch, I will go to a local market such as Whole Foods, Safeway, or Raley's & grab a premade organic smoothie.

4. For lunches, I seek out either a smoothie or something more veg-focused such as spring/salad roll, sushi, or a salad. I will usually get one of the vegetable options for dinner as well. I can typically find these at my local market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, & Trader Joe's.

5. Whole Foods is a great place to get some warm meals, especially for dinner. The other night I was out late running errands with my husband so we stopped by WF to grab dinner. I got their spinach-beet salad with balsamic vinegar. I added some tofu & a bit of beans for protein. I also got some roasted spicy sesame potatoes & roasted Garnet Yams. It was super healthy, filling, & satisfying.

You are what you eat so don't be fast, cheap, & easy! Think about how each bite you take serves your body & the world. Was no one harmed for your meal? Is it fueling your body & providing you with much-needed nutrition? If not, put that shit down! I hope these tips inspire you to forego the fast food & instead seek out healthy, nourishing options which will leave you radiant, glowing, & feeling alive! 

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