Review: NatureTints Hair Dye

Right before I got married (yes, I'm late), I tried this hair dye by NaturTint - a non-toxic, chemical-free, vegan, & cruelty-free product. I picked it up from Whole Foods for around $17 & chose the color 4M Mahogany Chestnut which had hints of burgundy. Spoiler Alert: I liked it way better than the last hair dye I used!

Here are some facts about the product.

The directions were simple & straightforward. It was nothing different than
the usual hair-dying routine.

Thank Bob it included more than the last kit! 
Aside from directions & gloves,
there was a shampoo & conditioner to be used post-wash 
(these smelled pretty good & worked well),
the color developer, & the actual color. You simply add the color (green labeled bottle) 
to the developer (with the spout) & shake like crazy. 
Then you simply apply to sections of your hair, making sure to coat from root to tip.

Here's my before. There is one very obvious white hair, 
but believe me, I have more where that came from!

You can use a shower cap to hold your hair, 
but I like the hair tie & saran wrap combo best.

I forgot to take an apres-dye pic, so here is a cropped pic of my hair a few days later.

Overall, out of all the "traditional" natural dyes I've tried, this was the absolute best! It left my hair shiny, moisturized, & healthy with the perfect brown color. In the light you can see a beautiful reddish tint. I was super satisfied with this product. While I will be experimenting with henna now, I would HIGHLY recommend this brand for those of you who are looking for a non-toxic, vegan, & cruelty-free hair dye!

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