Whole Foods Exclusive: Mineral Fusion Nail Polish - Set Of 3

Well, hello there! Long time no blog! I have been super MIA, I know. The reason for all this is explained in my latest video, so hop on over to my Youtube channel (linked above) & see what's been going on. For now, we are back on schedule & I'm hoping to be able to post 2-3 times a week. Let's get on with today's post, shall we?

I wanted to share a product I picked up back in March, right before I got married. As you can tell, I still have my bridal henna on as this manicure was done right before my wedding!

Whole Foods released two exclusive sets of mini-nail polishes by Mineral Fusion, one of my fave cruelty-free & mostly vegan brands. The set I'm featuring today is a set of 3. I have the other set as well which has more bottles & I will share that with you later as well.

The colors in this set are: Brilliant, a fuchsia pink with small specks of glitter, Sapphire Dream, a creamy cobalt blue, & Shimmering Shale, a glitter top coat with large chunks of gold & rose-gold glitter.

When I wore them, I definitely added a top coat, though I found the pink shade to chip quite a bit the first day. I had to touch it up at least 3 times! After that, none of them chipped until 2-3 days later. Here is a look at the packaging: 

This particular set retails for $9.99, not bad for a high-quality vegan, cruelty-free, & natural nail polish & you're getting 3! In case you're wondering, my tootsies were done entirely in blue, with no glitter. I think this color collection complimented the henna beautifully. 

These can be worn individually, in a set as I did, or alongside other polishes you may have. I personally love this color combo as it's not something I would normally use.

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