Vegan Marshmallows At Trader Joe's?!

In case you're living under a rock like I was (I have recently seen the light), then you may have missed the fact that Trader Joe's just released these new marshmallows, which happen to be vegan!
If you're wondering what makes conventional marshmallows non-vegan, it's the gelatin - ground up bones & tendons of animals killed in slaughterhouses.

Specialty vegan marshmallows are definitely available - brands like Dandies & Sweet & Sara can be found at Whole Foods & specialty vegan shops, but the price range on those start at around $5 a bag.

These babies were only $2.99 & let me tell you, they are soft, plush, & sweet. I may have had a couple while writing this post ... Run, don't walk, to your nearest TJ & see if you can snag a bag!

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