Beauty Review: Pacifica Rose Gold Brightening Primer

It's very rare for me to put the words "Pacifica" & "utter fail" in the same sentence, but I'm about to do just that.

I purchased this product back in early Fall from Target for about $15. The was looking for a moisturizing primer as I was beginning to deal with severe dry skin issues. When I first started using this, I realized this was absolutely NOT what I was looking for.

This is similar to many silicone-y primers in texture - thick & smoothing. However, I don't know if I got a bad one or what, but my bottle refused to pump out a consistent texture. Some days, it would be more oily, some days very thick, & other days the right mix of the two. No amount of shaking the bottle seemed to fix this issue.

When the product came out correctly, it was a light gel consistency that turned into a smooth, powdery finish immediately upon application. But, it was SO drying! My skin looked horrible - all the dry, flakey parts looked way worse!

This product was an absolute disappointment for me. I know Pacifica has another primer, so maybe I will try that one out instead.

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