Product Fail - Mineral Fusion Nail Polish + Top Coat

One of the worst feelings ever is having high hopes about something only to be sorely let down. That's how I felt about the Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in Blushing Crystal & Topcoat. I had heard such great things about their nail polish & since I had just overhauled my nasty nail polishes, I was looking forward to trying something natural. 

The first thing I noticed was that the product went on super streaky. While the color is nice & enhances my tan, it was just so hard to apply in a smooth coat. The worst part came the next day - it already started peeling & chipping in big chunks - even with the top coat on! It's been five days & I've been reapplying daily, what a pain!

I really hope it's just this particular color that is like this. At the very least, I know the topcoat does nothing to protect the color & longevity. I'm willing to give other ones a try, but at $10 a pop, I'm rightfully hesitant. But no worries, there are so many natural brands out there; I'm sure I will find something that works.

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