Current Skin Care Products I'm LOVING!

I wanted to quickly share the skincare products I have been using for the past several weeks & OMG I LOVE them! They have helped clear up the detox acne I was having & they just feel SOOO good! They are incredibly refreshing in this warm weather & my my skin SUPER soft! This is NOT a sponsored post by any means - but if you're struggling with acne or any skin issue, I HIGHLY recommend this cruelty-free, natural, and vegan set of products by Yes To Cucumbers!
I use the Facial Towelettes to remove makeup at the end of the day.

I use the Daily Gel Cleanser twice a day, with just a small amount. I also exfoliate twice a week, which I'm not as picky about, & use a face mask twice a week as well.

I use the Daily Calming Moisturizer twice daily - I mix it with a bit of natural sunscreen in the morning.

All in all, very satisfied with this trio of products! If you've tried them, tell me what you think in the comments!

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