Beauty Review: Real Techniques Lash & Brow Groomer

One brush that I don't really have a lot of luck with is a lash & brow groomer. Most are made from plastic, cost a couple bucks, & break within months of daily use. It's so frustrating! A while ago, I came across this Real Techniques Lash & Brow Groomer & it has seriously changed my brow game!

I purchased this for $8 from Kohl's, which is a pretty penny more than the ones I have paid for in the past, but for good reason! As you can tell by the dirtied bristles, this brush is a staple in my daily makeup routine!

It's made really well - you can tell it's high-quality from the metal combs on the lash side instead of plastic. I find that this makes it super easy to comb through both my upper & lower lashes.

Compared to a typical lash & brow groomer (pictured is my Earth Therapeutics Lash & Brow Brush), notice the thick plastic ends of the lash side. This makes it really difficult to get to all of the lashes. Without the barriers on the ends, I find that I can reach my inner-most lashes quite easily.

Also, notice that the Real Techniques one has a slight slant to the brow side. This makes it that much easier to brush through the brows because it arches nicely with the shape of your brows. While doable with any other comparable brush, it's a slight difference that enhances the experience of doing your makeup & shows a lot more thought into creating a product that actually aims to make our time spent in front of the mirror more productive, quicker, & easier. By creating a product that truly caters to the small whims of their customers, even with a seemingly insignificant brush like this, Real Techniques, to me, stands out as a brand of exceptional quality with high standards.

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