Why You Need To Start Unfollowing People On Social Media

Have you ever heard the quote "you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself by"? It's a quote I hold very dear to me & so I'm cautious about the company I keep. However, this goes beyond the people you spend time with in real life - it also applies to social media.

One huge tip I have for you, if you're on social media at least once a day, is to start unfollowing people that don't inspire you or fit your values. I used to follow all sorts of people on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. (Instagram & Youtube I use the most), but I realized that what I looked at everyday began to affect me. Most everyone I followed posted pics of animal-based food or animal-tested beauty products they've purchased. This not only went against everything I stand for, but was also insanely uninspiring.

This little tip has changed how I go about my day! I start my day with Instagram & end my day with it & Tumblr. Also, I'm on Youtube at least once a day & Facebook a few times a week. I wanted to be exposed to people & ideas that make me feel good, not roll my eyes & scroll quickly to move on. So, I purged my social media of most everyone who is not vegan. I think I may have a few who aren't, but they post other inspiring things, like quotes.

Since I don't keep much company outside the internet, I treat my social media as my social circle - would I want to be friends with these people in real life?

Ask yourself this question everytime you're on social media. You might be surprised with the answer.

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