Beauty Review: Pacifica Transcendent Concealer

As I continue to try natural beauty products (as well as vegan & cruelty-free), I came across the Pacifica Transcendent Concentrated Concealer at Target for $15.99. It claims to be creaseless, smooth, hydrating, & can cover dark circles & blemishes. I already loved many Pacifica products, so I decided to give it a try!

The price seems steep for a "drugstore" product, especially a small tube of concealer. The thing to
remember is even though many brands of vegan & cruelty-free products are affordable & budget-friendly, those that use higher-quality, natural ingredients will have a price to reflect the quality of the ingredients.

As with all Pacifica products, the packaging is beautiful! It comes in a tube with a flat sponge applicator - similar to a doe-foot, but more flat. The shade options are Light & Natural (my shade).

It's definitely concentrated! A little bit goes a very long way, depending on how much coverage you feel you need, making the price very much worth it!

The texture is different from most concealers I've tried - it has a slightly oily feel, making it smooth & hydrating. The great thing is, it doesn't crease on me nearly as much on me (because I have lines under my eyes, pretty much every concealer creases)!

Coverage-wise, I wouldn't consider this full coverage, but it works perfectly under my eyes. It looks natural & makes me look wide awake! See the difference for yourself:

No concealer - only light foundation, but nothing under the eyes.

Believe or not, I only applied a tiny bit of product! It's super concentrated!

Blended out the concealer with my 100% Pure Makeup Blender.

Set with 2 phases of powder: first, a pressed powder, then a translucent loose
setting powder.

I don't like using concealer on other parts of my face, so I can't personally speak on that. Regardless, I am LOVING this as a daily use concealer!

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