Beauty Review: 100% Pure Makeup Blender

Ever since I started wearing makeup, I had experimented with only two ways of applying foundation & concealer: makeup brushes or fingers. My favorite method of the two is using my fingers because the application is faster & looks more natural; brushes tend to apply the product heavily & leave streaks.

When I first heard about the Beauty Blender, I was intrigued, but there was no way I was about to smack down $20 for a sponge! I know Real Techniques makes their own version of it, but I had heard it wasn't very long lasting.

When I spotted this at the 100% Pure store for only $11 (about half the price of the Beauty Blender), I decided to give it a try.

I think it's safe to say I AM IN LOVE!!!

I never expected that I would stray away from using my hands - it's been my fave method for years!

Instead of running it under the faucet, I prefer to mist it with a spray of some sort. It expands into this marshmallow-type of product which DOES NOT absorb the foundation/concealer, so you don't lose product! When I apply my products, it gives my face this airbrushed, glowy look. I use the sponge to spread the product out, then stipple it & it looks divine!

I seriously cannot live without this product! It keeps my hands clean & my face beautimous! It's lasted me almost 6 months of daily use & washing once a month (I'm lazy, bite me). I would gladly purchase more of these if I had to!

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