Sweet Earth Naturals - Instant Vegetarian Food

I discovered Sweet Earth Naturals during Thanksgiving when I was looking for a vegan pie at Whole Foods. Little did I know that they make more than just festive desserts & that I would come to rely on them for quick & healthy vegan meals!

Sweet Earth Naturals makes a variety of vegetarian products, most of which are vegan. They remind me a lot of Amy's Organics - instant healthy food, for busy on-the go vegans!

I tried these two burritos, The Anasazi & The Curry Tiger, when I spotted them at my local Safeway. They are not gluten-free as most of their products contain seitan, a wheat-based meat, but they were quite good!

The make more than just burritos & pies, though - their selection includes burgers, soups, & pure seitan as well.

I have started spotting them at other stores as well, such as Target (which is really getting it's eco-conscious game on). If you see any of their products, make sure their vegan, & give them a try!

Have you tried any products from this company? Let me know in the comments!

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