Haul: Whole Foods - Valentine's Day Gifts From John

I wanted to share a few products that I got from Whole Foods when I went on Valentine's Day. I also shared these products in my latest vlog, so you can check that out here & subscribe if you would like to! I bought one product as a necessity & the others were V-Day gifts from John (basically contributions to this blog & my channel because mo' products means mo' content). I'm not big into gift-giving, but he is, so I lost that battle. In any case, I got him a Marvel movie, so I guess we're even?

The first product I got (pictured above) is a Coconut Face Scrub by Allafia's Everyday Coconut because I really needed a face scrub. Spoiler Alert: This product sucks. Don't waste your money.

The first thing John got me was this kit by Mineral Fusions. It's called Naturally Radiant & includes 3 products. I've never tried anything from this brand before & all the products were vegan from what I could tell, plus it was on sale for around $18.

As you guys probably have figured out by now Pacifica is my crack. I had been eyeing this sucka for a while, but I thought it was discontinued. When I saw it for $14.99 (a steal considering that's right around the price for the mascara included in the kit) I couldn't resist! It's the Stellar Eye Trio & comes with 3 eye products.

I'm super excited to try the above kits & you can bet my cat's booty there will be video reviews on these! If you aren't subscribed to my channel, what are you waiting for?

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