Haul: Kohl's, Target, & Whole Foods

I picked up a few items over the past few weeks which I thought I would share. I went shopping at Target, Whole Foods, & Kohl's (gift card from Christmas) - here's what I got!

I picked up this notebook for $1.99 at Target; I wanted to use this for spiritual journaling (kinda like a Sikh bible study).

I desperately needed a new body wash so I picked up this one by Alba in the Midnight Tuberose scent (divine!) from Whole Foods for $9.99.

The next few items I grabbed from Kohl's. I picked up these jeggings which were on sale for $17.95. They are super comfy, though I have to use a belt because they are a tad loose around the waist. The next size down was too small.
All my PJs were old - definitely been neglecting those! I picked up all of these sets for $24.95.
All the pants are actually leggings!
These last two are my favorite - the tops are actually baggy hoodies!
They had more combos, but this is what I liked.

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