5 Tips For Passive Activists

I've always been the more outspoken type, so activism (especially for animals) comes easily to me. However, there are people like John who dislike conflict & confrontation & want to be an activism without getting in anyone's face. Whether you're an activist for the environment, people, animals, or all of the above (like me), you can use these tips to make a difference!

1. Stickers!

I love stickers because you can stick them anywhere! They're usually cute & colorful & will be a great conversation starter. I like putting mine on items that I use often. If you want to get your hands on some stickers, check out PETA for free ones!

2. Focus on the positives!
This is especially true for animal activists! Instead of showing heartbreaking images or talk all about life in a slaughterhouse, show off the amazing vegan food - use social media, cook for people, & talk about the delicious alternatives!

3. Wear the message.
Wear shirts, hats, & bags that speak the message so you don't have to!

4. Don't say it, show it!
Instead of talking about the facts, show people a documentary. Some great suggestions are Cowspiracy, Blackfish, Earthlings, Food Inc, Fork Over Knives, Fast Food Nation, No-Impact Man, The Secret, & more!

5. Take people to events!
Take people to fun events (not protests!) such as vegan meet-ups, parties, concerts, & benefits!

What other tips do you have for shy activists? Tell me in the comments!

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