The BEST Way To Donate To Your Favorite Organizations When You're On A Budget

I often hear from people with restricted finances that they can't make donations because they can barely take care of themselves. The reality is that even if you're on a tight budget, you can still donate generously to your favorite causes this holiday season! I'm going to share how I'm able to donate to multiple organizations during a time when my money would be otherwise used.

At the beginning of the year, start a donation bank using a regular piggy bank. Put change in it throughout the year. Use the change that you get back from the cashier when you pay in cash or anything you find on the ground.

Avoid dipping into that bank unless absolutely necessary.

At the end of the year, count & wrap up the coins. You'll be surprised how much you've accumulated! Make sure to take it to the bank if you want to deposit it into your account.

Use that money to make your donations! As a bonus tip to stretch your dollar further, give the gift of donations instead of material items.

What We Did

This year, we gave several donations as gifts. Over the whole year, we managed to save up $125 just for donations!

For family members, we donated to PETA Save The Seals campaign, Born Free USA Adopt-A-Primate (great for kids' gifts), & Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary's Rescue Van Program via Global Giving.

For co-workers, I donated to the East Bay SPCA. I donated a couple of dog beds, collars for cats & dogs, blankets, leashes, water & food bowls, & dog & cat food by Nulo.

My point here is that I did all this for $125 & managed to give donation gifts to A LOT of people. You don't have to be wealthy to give to charitable causes. If you're struggling in your finances, I suggest you read my post about how to become financially prosperous.

What are some of your favorite charities & organizations to donate to? Tell me in the comments!

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