PetFood Express: An Ethical Shopper's Paradise

As compassionate shoppers, we know that our dollar is our vote for what we want in the world. Many people (myself included at one point) didn't think our voices matter so we purchase whatever is cheapest & most convenient. These days, I'm much more selective about where I shop & what I buy & as a kitty mama, finding an ethical store for my baby's needs has been a challenge. That is, before I discovered PetFood Express.

When we first adopted (adopted being the key word) our kitten, we had no idea where to shop for his food, litter, etc. that didn't sell animals. We tried Target, but their selection was quite limited. Unfortunately, we ended up purchasing our first few items from a well-known business whose practices we did not agree with because we didn't have much choice (everything was last minute). Later, we discovered a local small store called Pawsitive Karma run by a few sweet ladies. While we loved visiting their quaint shop & supporting a small business, they also sadly didn't have much variety.

One day, I went in looking for an all-natural cat litter. The store didn't have any in stock so they directed me to PetFood Express, located a few blocks down the street. I had heard of PetFood Express from the radio & I had a 20% off coupon from the ESPCA where we adopted our kitty so I ventured on over there & believe me, I've never looked back! I now pop in there at least once a week & always meet some of the friendliest shop staff I have seriously ever met in my life. They have offered me great advice, recommended me a dry food my cat is obsessed with, & are crazy helpful when it comes to finding things around their cute store. I've been to several locations & they are all super friendly, but of course I'm biased & I love the peeps at Castro Valley!

It's hard to find large corporations that have amazing values, but I'm always astounded by the awesome things PetFood Express is always up to! Not only do they not sell animals (check out this article to find out why you shouldn't support the live-animal trade), they promote adoption! A couple times a month, they bring in local rescue groups (Dusty Paws for the CV location) that need forever homes for cats & dogs. For the holiday season, they are encouraging customers to donate to help homeless animals. One of my favorite things they do is have on-site vets on the weekends & also provide vaccines for dogs every Saturday (seriously my fave time to go in - I love petting all the doggies!).

Not only that, but they have an amazing selection of food, treats, toys, clothes, & other necessities for a super affordable price. Their return/exchange policy is super flexible & I love how they carry brands that are not only eco-friendly, but don't use shady ingredients. You aren't likely to find "junk food" food for your animal companions - be prepared to shop for some of the healthiest food ever! They carry smaller brands as well as freeze-dried & raw foods that need to be kept in a freezer.

They also have an awesome deal going all the time - buy 3 cans/pouches/bags of food & get the 4th one free! Seriously, I always buy in multiples of 4.

PetFood Express has a ton of locations  all over California so you should be able to find one near you! I'm so obsessed with this place that I refuse to move unless the city has one! I'll def try to make a video tour of the one near me if I can get permission to do so.

Please keep in mind that your dollar is your voice & your voice matters! Support ethical business & watch how they become the norm!

I'm not affiliated with PetFood Express; I just love supporting & promoting businesses with ethical values!

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