Beauty Review: Herban Cowboy Daily Mosturizing Body Lotions

I picked up these body lotions from Whole Foods recently because I was running out of moisturizer. I typically like more a thick & rich cream or butter this time of year, but I was super intrigued by these & wanted to test them out.

These body lotions by Herban Cowboy are vegan, cruelty-free, & natural. They were on sale from ~$8 to $7.49 each. They also had a yellow tube available, which I can't remember the name of, but I picked up Blossom & Love.

First, the scents. Blossom is absolutely beautiful! The best way to describe it is like a bouquet of fresh flowers. It's a fresh, floral scent which smells like a high-end perfume, not artificial. Love is more of a subtle, sexy scent. It's a bit deeper & muskier. Both scents linger subtly for a while, but within an hour or 2, are virtually undetectable.

I am most impressed with the texture, however. These are super lightweight; a little bit goes a long way! It absorbs super quick, but it doesn't make your skin feel like nothing was even put on there. You know how there are some lotions that claim quick absorption to the point where your skin still feels dry? Not with these! They don't leave any residue or tackiness or any indication that anything was applied, but your skin looks & feels noticeably more moisturized.

Overall, I seriously am in love with these! They aren't super good for this time of year, but I will def be buying more come Spring & Summer! By the way, these will make great gifts or stocking stuffers (hint, hint)!

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