My Top 3 Makeup Tips When Wearing Glasses

Though I prefer wearing contacts, I will still frequently wear glasses to give my eyes a break & change up my look. Back in the day, you were made fun of for wearing glasses - now they've become a fashion accessory! Oh, how times have changed. I'm going to share my top 3 makeup tips for wearing glasses so that they don't overwhelm your face, but instead, enhance it!

1. Make your eyes POP!

How many times have you heard this cliche phrase in the beauty world? Well, it's true! Balance the glasses out with a bold brow & eyes that stand out. First, don't skip those brows! If you usually never do a thing with them, well there's a first time for everything! Fill them in & make them look full & healthy. This will balance out your glasses, especially if you have a more prominent frame like mine. Secondly, go a bit more dramatic with the eyes! If you stick to a natural eye look, there's a chance that the glasses can make your eyes look even smaller - add a pop of color, smoke them out, or add a winged liner. Depending on the shape of your glasses, you may even be able to add falsies!

2. Focus on the lips!

If you don't want to emphasize the eyes for any reason, consider making your lips be the star of your face! Go for a color bolder than what you normally would - a bright pink, raspberry, plum, wine, berry, & red are all great options. If you're not a fan of your glasses, this is a great trick to distract attention away from them!

3. Create angles!

It's important to pick glasses that complement our face shape, but regardless of how flattering they are, they can still throw off the shape of your face a bit. Add a bit of contour & highlight to add dimension to your face & create some angles (this is super useful if you have a rounder face like mine!).

Do you have any tips for wearing makeup with glasses? Share them in the comments!

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