My Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving

I never understood the American tradition of eating bread out of a dead bird's ass to show thanks. This is my first year actually spending Thanksgiving with John so I tried to make a comforting Thanksgiving dinner.

I usually get the Gardein Savory Stuffed Turk'y every year around this time (though last year I tried Trader Joe's less expensive yet equally delicious version - not available this year at my location). I was tempted to try the Tofurky Roast, but I knew I would be short on time so I grabbed something easier. This was on sale at Whole Foods for just over $7.

I also picked up this vegan mac n cheese by Candle Cafe, a well-known vegan restaurant in NY. This was $6.99 & really good!

I of course wanted some mashed potatoes & Whole Foods also had vegan homemade taters for $9.99 (2 pounds). They were made with olive oil & I topped it with the gravy that came with the Gardein roast.

For drinks I opted for the So Delicious Coconut Nog & John picked the Mint Chocolate drink since he's not a fan of nog. I wish they had Silk nog instead; the coconut version was cloyingly sweet & thick - not a fan. Despite not being a fan of mint chocolate anything, I really enjoyed this drink. They were 2 for $5 at Whole Foods.

I forgot to take a pic, but we ended the night & began the next morning with Sweet Earth Natural Foods Pumpkin Pie (they also had an apple pie which I took to lunch with my parents). It was completely vegan, delicious, & $12.99.

There's also going to be a vlog on John's channel about what we were up to for the past few days so I will link that here when it's live on Monday.

 What cruelty-free foods did you guys enjoy this Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments!

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